Dip. Internazionale: support union organiser Orhan Akman in his fight against expulsion from Peru

pubblichiamo la lettera che vedi allegata , indirizzata al Presidente della Repubblica del Perù e firmata dal nostro Segretario Generale per protestare formalmente contro l’espulsione di Orhan Akman attivista sindacale tedesco che negli ultimi tre anni ha lavorato in Sud America per conto di UNI , aiutando i sindacato locali nelle loro rivendicazioni .

Consolato Generale del Peru
via Privata bracco, 1
20159 – Milano
Your Excellency
President of the Republic of Peru
Mr. Ollanta Humala
Lima, Peru
Dear Mr. President,
We are writing to you to express our opposition to the Peruvian government’s decision to expel Orhan Akman from the country. We also wish to express our dissatisfaction with the lack of due process by the migration services in his case, which has left Mr Akman unable to exercise his legitimate right of defence.
Mr Akman, a German national and advisor to UNI Americas, has been accused of “disturbing public order, tranquility and peace” for his part in a peaceful sit-in with workers from Cencosud in October 2015. However, he was not informed about any judicial or administrative procedures until 24 January 2016, when he intended to leave the country.
The right to reenter the country can only be denied if a foreign citizen’s stay in Peru has been cancelled. According to Peruvian law, proof must be provided that Mr Akman did indeed disturb public order and peace.
Despite the migration services insisting that Mr Akman’s disturbance of public order are “corroborated by certified reports of San Antonio de Miraflores Police Station”, no evidence has yet been produced to suggest that Mr. Akman violated public order.
The demonstration on 15 October was a peaceful one. The expulsion of Mr.Akman not only violates individual human and labour rights, but also all those of people who have decided to freely and peacefully support trade unions and workers.
UNI Global Union and its regional organisation UNI Americas are democratic international union organisations with the objective of ensuring that the human and labor rights of all workers and employees are respected. Therefore, we reaffirm that Mr. Akman’s expulsion is a violation of the rights guaranteed by the Peruvian Constitution.
UNI Global Union, the international trade union federation of service sector workers, will continue the fight to guarantee the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining. We demand that Mr. Akman is completely cleared of any wrongdoing and that he is entitled to travel freely throughout Peru.
FISAC CGIL, which is an UNI affiliate, considers this a serious attack on individual and collective liberties. We ask for your immediate intervention to ensure that democratic freedoms and human rights prevail in your country.
We look forward to your response.
General Secretary
Agostino MEGALE

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